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Supervisor & Manegerial


These competencies must be present in those people being considered for supervisory or managerial responsibility.  The interviewers must be able to identify what competencies are needed and necessary in successful performers, many of whom are being considered for promotion from high performing individual contributor to a supervisory or managerial role.  They must be able to assess the competencies needed in those that report to them or to select the right people to fill jobs on their teams.  They need to know how to develop competencies in others, through providing training and assignments that have offered opportunities to those who may be yet untested but deserving.  They must be able to direct others work activities, evaluate the effectiveness of these activities and offer coaching or performance feedback to guide their team members performance and potential.  They need to have the capability to identify successful from unsuccessful performance and provide appropriate feedback to those they supervise.  They will have learned that high performance and high potential are not the same thing and that only 1 in 10 high performers truly has high potential  They must become adept at assessing both the performance and advancement potential of those working for them and help guide these people to achieve greater performance or prepare for new assignments.

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