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Our Mission: Process Driven Best Practice Selection

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We believe in and encourage every organization to adopt Best Practices Selection processes.  Assessing Candidate Performance and Future Performance Potential is challenging, because it involves predicting the future of performance and potential of people most of whom, you have not met before.  At TAI, this is achieved by implementing the Selecting Talent process:

  • Starting with our proprietary Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ), conduct Competency profile analysis for each target job.

  • Train clients selection team members, in Competency-based behavioral interviewing to assess the candidates level of currently possessed competencies to predict performance & potential

  • Employ Cognitive ability assessments to identify candidates level of job relevant current problem solving capabilities  

  • Employ Personality assessments to evaluate potential fit and alignment issues.  We incorporate a proprietary and unique approach to verifying candidate provided information. 

  • TAI specializes in identifying and implementing best practice selection that increase the odds of hiring the right people. The TAI process assesses competencies, cognitive ability, checks for personality fit and alignment, recommends the use of reference checks to verify job related skills and accomplishments.  Based on scientific findings, each of these steps adds incremental validity to the accuracy of the selection decision, eliminating most causes of selection failure. 

  • The process is efficient, targeted at measuring a candidate's Can Do, Will Do and Fit  (competencies, cognitive ability, and personality alignment), being fair to candidates, treating candidates with respect and selecting the talent needed by clients to perform the important  jobs in their organizations required for the challenges they face today and tomorrow.

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