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Sales Alignment Questionnaire (SAQ)

The Sales Alignment Questionnaire is a modern, on-line, Big 5 personality assessment that measures alignment of the candidate’s personality traits with typical sales profiles.  The SAQ has 15 scales which have been grouped by the Big 5 Personality Factors.  The SAQ, like all TAI personality questionnaires, includes three response fidelity scales and TAI's proprietary state-of-the-art procedure that reduces candidate response distortion.  This greatly reduces the propensity of up to 1/3 of candidates distorting their responses to personality questionnaires enabling the output to be useful to the organization.


There are no good or bad SAQ profiles. However, there are some that clearly have more immediate potential for new assignments and some that are recommended for future development assignments to further develop competencies. Each of the scales has +’s and –‘s and it is important for those interpreting to consider the position requirements and the individual’s predispositions.  A deficit in one work style may be made up for in another. With awareness, training and feedback, individuals can and do adjust their work behaviors to develop the required competencies to effectively perform their job for their new role and or new organization.  


The SAQ along with sales competency interview guides will minimize selection errors and assure that the interview team is focused on the right traits and competencies when considering candidates for a sales role.  The SAQ is available on-line and takes a candidate about 15-20 minutes to complete. The SAQ is not to be relied upon as the sole determinant of predicted success.  It is designed to be used in a well-organized selection process including behavioral interviews, simulations and cognitive ability assessments (e.g. as modeled in TAI’s Selecting Talent Program). 

The SAQ on-line assessment is typically given to the candidate prior to their face to face interviews. The SAQ report helps the organization focus their questions to assess the candidates competency alignment, based on their recent past performance.  The SAQ can accurately compare the sales personality traits of each candidate. Only certified TAI Test Administrators are certified to interpret SAQ results.     (Click here for a sample report)

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