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Introduction to working with TAI

Business meeting

We focus on the Selection Process.  Our research has shown that there are substantial improvements to be made in standardizing this process.  Using the tools we provide, clients find that they spend lees time making selection decisions, decrease time to fill positions, sign on better quality of hires, reduce turnover and increase retention of talent.

  • At TAI, we aim to reduce new hire turnover by 50% and overall employee turnover by 25%.

  • We ask clients to implement the entire Selecting Talent process (job analysis, psychometric assessments, behavioral interviewing, reference checks) to make better hiring decisions, achieving time and cost savings .

  • We follow professional standards in our client projects, research and white papers.

  • We are pleased to support independent research conducted with clients or done though universities.

  • We only present research and data we can stand behind and do not publish studies involving clients or educational institutions, that are not approved by clients or universities.  Even if studies are published, with approval, we honor our commitment to subject confidentialityWe never publish names of clients without approval and never name individuals

  • We are committed to working collaboratively with clients and international partners to meet their needs without compromising professional standards & subject privacy.  We happily provide our research for peer reveiw and attend conferences to share our research and learn from others.

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