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Assessment Under Construction

What we have been asked to provide next!

New Products coming by 2023

Personality Alignment for identifying potential First Line supervisors

  • One of the biggest steps an organization can make is to promote a high performing individual contributor to supervise others. 

  • Only about 1 in 1o high performers, has the potential to become a supervisor.  Lawrence Peters wrote a book about this topic over 60 years ago called the "Peter Principal" that outlined one of the most common mistake in talent management and succession planning.  Our new assessment is designed to help organizations avoid this mistake.

  • The report will identify the areas of strength and weakness for and individual to put into a first time supervisory role.  It will identify what further development is needed by the candidate to assure success in the role.  

The Leadership Alignment Questionnaire that combines a multiple assessments into one comprehensive overview of leadership potential

  • The comprehensive assessment provides a predictive view of leadership potential to assure that those selected for these crucial roles are ready for the challenge.  We can and do work with Executive Search firms to provide this assessment during the candidate vetting process by the headhunter and provide it to the organization at the time they are considering the short list of candidates.  

  • This brings in the highest potential candidates for the organization's consideration.

360 surveys to assess an individual's current level of competency demonstration for consideration in Succession Planning and Talent Management. 

Career Alignment Interest Inventory  

  • to provide guidance to students, mid career adults and retirees, who are searching for career or next steps advice.

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