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Supporting Products
Watch this Space!

Starting this year (2022) Tai will be adding a series of blogs on the topic of "How to Improve Selection" and why that is important.

TAI is publishing a book. Selecting Talent coming 2023

TAI is publishing an on-line Coaching and Development Guide available for a subscription fee for clients of their questionnaires coming 2023

TAI will work with clients to prepare Behavioral Interviewing Guides for clients that sign up for Selecting Talent Behavioral Interviewing Training

TAI is offering a two day Selecting Talent Behavioral Interviewing seminars-on line until travel restrictions are eased.

TAI is offering certification training for clients who will be using our proprietary questionnaires and reports in support of their selection processes.  This includes a license to use TAI questionnaires and reports, access to their own secure on line assessment questionnaires and reports that are available in secure site 24/7.

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