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Professional Alignment Questionnaire (PAQ)

The PAQ is designed to be used in selection situations when hiring a person who will have professional qualifications (e.g. a university degree, a CPA or PMA certificate, etc. professional qualification in their functional area).  These people are professionals who do not manage people but may perform senior level analytical work, such as a Sr. Accountant, Industrial Engineer, Human Resources Specialist, Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, Programmer, Quality Control Engineer, Sr. Sales Representative, or Account Manager.  These are all professional level jobs but don’t typically manage people.  They may from time to time be asked to serve on a project team within their functional area and may even be asked to play a project leadership role in addition to their normal work that has a defined time line, when it begins, when it ends and it not considered a promotion. It often times can be used to help assess or develop a professional individual contributor for a manager or team leader role.

The PAQ has 17 scales that are divided across the Big 5 Personality domains. It includes three response fidelity and includes TAI's proprietary state-of-the-art procedure that reduces candidate response distortion.  This greatly reduces the propensity of up to 1/3 of candidates distorting their responses to personality questionnaires enabling the output to be useful to the organization.


These people are in many functions and they do important work with significant responsibility.  The organization needs to be sure that these people are qualified to do these jobs, will do these jobs and will fit in the organization.  The PAQ is used in conjunction with Competency based, Behavioral Interviewing to assure that the candidate Can Do, Will Do and Will Fit the requirements of the job, fit with the team and align with the culture and values of the organization.  Only certified TAI Test Administrators are certified to interpret PAQ results.

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