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First Line Supervisor Alignment Questionnaire (FLSAQ) coming 2023  

We are also developing a modern Big 5 based personality on-line assessment that is aimed at assessing an outside candidate or about to be promoted individual contributor to team leader.  This new personality assessment along with the behavioral interviewing will show their leadership preparedness for those with little or no prior leadership experience.  This transitional job is one of the most important decisions an organization must make.  

The book, The Peter Principal, written over 50 years ago outlined the dangers and risks of promoting an individual contributor, often a high performer, into a leadership role primarily on their success as an individual contributor.  The risk of moving an individual contributor into a leadership assignment had and still has a very unfortunate failure rate.  


However, the decision to promote a high performing individual contributor to a team leader position is like driving a car looking in the rearview mirror.   Research has shown that many high performing team leaders were average or slightly above average performers in their individual contributor roles.  Research on potential, has consistently shown that only 1 in 8 high performers is high potential for promotion to a manager or team leader role.   They are two quite different positions.  In order to remove the risk of promoting a loyal high performer who may be ill-suited to a team leader role, it is important that the organization look at the individual they want to promote through the lens of the new position requirements to assure that candidates they are assessing are prepared to take on their new role.  

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