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Leadership Alignment Questionnaire (coming in 2023)

A new leadership alignment questionnaire suite will be available in 2023.  This will include a Big 5 Personality questionnaire and other questionnaires that objectively measures the leadership potential of a high potential manager from within the organization or an external manager or executive who is being considered for an executive position within the organization.  Often these come in as candidates recommended by an executive search firm.  Executive position is defined as Director, VP or Board candidate.  It is critical in using this assessment that any search firms involved in identifying candidates are well versed on the organizations executive selection process requirements.  

Failure in the selection process for these positions have severe deleterious effects.  The credibility of the organization’s leadership team is also at stake.  The other senior members of the management team can be positively or negatively affected by these new leaders. If a toxic leader is chosen, their behavior could and has caused an exodus of talent, loss of business and reduced organizational morale. The entire organization and its business plans and the protection of its culture can be put at risk. 

For this level of candidate, many organizations will provide an onboarding coach to assure that the new leader gets properly orientated and starts to build positive and effective relationships with their own team and other key executives they have to work with.  With the new TAI leadership assessment as a guide an executive onboarding coach is often sought out to make sure that the new leader is successfully onboarded and adapted to the new organization.  It may sound expensive but when paying the search company 1/4 to 1/2 million US $ plus the potential damage the wrong person can cause in a year or two, a $20,000-50,000 onboarding coaching contract can be well worth the investment. 

TAI also provides executive coaching.





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