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Cognitive Ability and Skills Assessments

TAI Cognitive Ability and Skills measurements are an important assessment for many professional level jobs.  People without these skills often tend to over rely on colleagues to help them and run the risk of not fully understanding the meaning in numbers or fail to see patterns that can impede their ability to solve problems. 


There is no reading comprehension presented in the TAI Cognitive Ability questionnaires as the challenge in getting the translations correct unnecessarily complicates the scoring for each candidate.   These are not supposed to be used as language assessments.  There are companies that do this separately and we recommend that organizations that want to test for language fluency, do so with these standardized tests. Since the sections are timed, a person reading a passage in a second language may be disadvantaged as they may be slower to comprehend and therefore their score on a reading comprehension is likely to be lower.  This presents and unfair scoring of candidates.   Using a reading comprehension section presents and unfair disadvantage to some candidates whereas between the numerical and abstract reasoning, the candidate gets both left and right brain challenges, and a reasonable score can be determined. 

Skills tests may be included for mechanical reasoning, accounting, IT or other functional areas specific skills beyond what we now offer in Numerical and Abstract reasoning. 

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